Resources: 2009 State of Unions

Money & Marriage by Brad Wilcox and Elizabeth Marquardt

The 2009 State of Unions: Money & Marriage makes clear that money matters for marriage.  Income, employment, debt, assets, and the division of household labor all shape the quality and stability of married life in the United States. This report features the following essays:

  • The Great Recession’s Silver Lining? by Brad Wilcox
  • Bank on It: Thrifty Couples are the Happiest by Jeff Dew
  • Marriage and the Great Recession by Alex Roberts
  • The Smart Money: She Saves, He Spends by Ronald Wilcox
  • A Feminist-Friendly Recession? by Christine Whelan

Plus the 2009 social indicators of marital health and wellbeing.

For answers to these questions, see the full report.